About Me

Deb Dobbs, MA, 6 Sigma Greenbelt, is a Communication Strategist for personal and professional growth.

I’ve always had a heart to help people. As a teenager, I volunteered with kids for summer camp. Looking back those interactions were focused on helping children discover joy in their crafts and personal interests. The theme carried through my high school and college years where I studied liberal arts. My passion was photography. First with landscapes and inanimate objects, and then in portraits, I enjoyed interacting with people (theater majors for the most part) who were in the process of creating image. Our times together were inspired. This was the phase of life where I began to recognize the power of creativity.

My first professional job was as a Public Relations Specialist. I worked for a county social service agency. My work in communication expanded to include event planning, newsletter writing and advocacy. Later, I transitioned to the private sector. There I found the same need to engage the human factor for meeting facilitation, daily operations, planning and team building.

Later, my professional experience developed through work in many  industries including global manufacturing engineering, business administration, adult education, technology for retail banking and social services administration.  Throughout this time, my signature leadership skill has been consensus building through transformation. Helping people resolve difficult situations is my passion. I help people build leadership skills leveraging a balance of empathy, knowledge, objectives and communication processes with diverse learning styles to support clear, consistent and meaningful messaging. My way to help you is to offer various methods to breakthrough your communication barrier to bloom and celebrate your life vibrantly. 


Euclid, OH, USA

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