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Do you know your purpose?

Are you living your passion?

These are significant life questions. Striving for the answers will elevate you. Self-development just like recovery are challenging life experiences. Finding answers happens through a process. Achieving your goals happens in phases. Don’t settle for discomfort. You can benefit from new perspectives.

Maybe this is not your first time looking at issues? No problem. Facing perplexing circumstances takes time. Now that you are seeking better results, you can begin a process to improve. Keep reading to start your process.

At the Your Mirror link you will find a worksheet. It's shaped for a gemstone that represents you. It’s designed to help you visualize what you want.

Print it out as many copies as you need. On the left side note your relationship concerns or circumstances you want to change. On the right side, note how you want to see yourself differently and doing better. Don’t be afraid to see yourself successful and appreciated.

Go for it!

Your visioning process is important. Take as much time as you need to work through it. You will begin to feel stronger as you write out both sides (what’s happening and what you want). When you have something on both sides of Your Mirror, contact me.

My commitment to you is to discuss confidentially with you what you want to change. From our discussion, it may turn out I am able to work with you. Yeah! Or, it may turn out that you need another professional skill to get you where you want to be. If that is the case, I will refer you to someone who can assist you in your search. Either way, you will benefit from taking an inventory of your relationships, your interpersonal skills and the challenges you face in your environment.

Have courage and be excited!

Today is a great day to start.

Talk with you soon.


Your Mirror